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Kathmandu Nepal
Partly sunny
  • top pup

    top pup

    A dog participates in a dog show in Kathmandu, Nepal, Nov. 11, 2017. More than 50 species of dogs participated in the show. Photo courtesy: Sunil Sharma

  • A costumed girl participates in celebration of Halloween in Kathmandu, Nepal, Oct. 28, 2017. Pic by: Sunil Sharma

  • Visitors view a painting during the exhibition “Buddhist Meditation in Paintings” in Kathmandu, Nepal, Oct. 26, 2017. Sunil Sharma

  • Women from ethnic Newar community celebrate the Nepal Sambat in Kathmandu, Nepal, on Oct. 20, 2017. Thousands of people from Nepal’s ethnic Newar community marched into the streets of the capital city on Friday to celebrate their New Year called “Nepal Sambat 1138.” (Xinhua/Sunil Sharma)

  • Nepalese people pick marigold flowers for offerings and garlands for Tihar festival in Kathmandu, Nepal, Oct. 18, 2017.




Kathmandu, Nepal

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