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Foreign TV channels with advertisements to be banned in Nepal

Jul 16 2017 | 04:48 pm

Kathmandu: Foreign television channels operating in Nepal will have to transmit their television contents without advertisements from Sunday, Nepal’s Ministry of Information and Communication (MoIC) said.

In line with Clean Feed Policy-2016 introduced by Nepali government last year, foreign channels, which are mostly Indian ones, will be barred from broadcasting in Nepal with advertisements.

The move is expected to boost Nepal’s advertisement market and help Nepalese media to get more advertisements because foreign advertisers willing to cater Nepali consumers will have to invest in Nepal.

Subsequently, Nepali artists and other stakeholders to be used in creating an advertisement are expected to get more employment opportunities in the country.

Nepal’s advertising industry and media enterprises have long been demanding the implementation of the Clean Feed Policy.

In a notice issued by the ministry on Wednesday, it has told foreign broadcasters and companies that distribute signal of foreign television contents that it would license downlink the foreign channels only if they are without advertisements.

As per the notice, the ministry will renew such license only after confirming that the foreign television contents are without advertisements.


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