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Transport entrepreneurs bring vehicular movement into halt

May 05 2018 | 04:01 pm

Kathmandu: Transport entrepreneurs in Nepal have halted the operation of their vehicles across the country from Friday, affecting the movement of commuters.

The protest has been led by Federation of Nepalese National Transport Entrepreneurs Association, an umbrella organization of transport entrepreneurs, a month after the government put a ban on the monopoly in transportation sector, known as syndicate system.

Nepal government recently amended the Transport Management Directive of 2004 to break organized syndicate of transport entrepreneurs and to encourage the private companies for open and fair competition. It is adopting “zero tolerance” policy against public transport syndicate.

Thus, transport entrepreneurs are in phase-wise protest in all 77 districts from Friday to pressurize the government to step back with its latest decision.

Bharat Nepal, a protesting transport entrepreneur, said, “We are not against open competition. But the government should consult the transport associations and committees before making any such decision. Our protest will continue until the government steps back.”

The shut down in the vehicular movement has affected the lives of general people, compelling many to walk on streets to reach their destinations. However, vehicles belonging to transport companies, which are not under the federation, have continued their service in regular routes.

According to Department of Transport Management, it will scrap the registration of those transportation associations and committees that promote the organized syndicate system.

Around 400,000 public vehicles across the country are associated with Federation of Nepalese National Transport Entrepreneurs Association.


Kathmandu, Nepal

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