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Malaysia urges Nepal to reconsider foreign worker ban

Jul 29 2018 | 12:19 pm

Kualalampur: Malaysia’s Minister of Human Resources M. Kula Segaran has called on Nepal to reconsider its decision to ban workers coming to Malaysia, saying the ban would have major effects on sectors such as plantation and construction, the official news agency Bernama reported on Saturday.

Nepal, as one of Malaysia’s largest source of immigrant workers, barred its workers from going to Malaysia, citing “restrictive” immigration requirements imposed on its workers by the Malaysian government.

It is reported that the Nepalese government was particularly not happy with its workers going through a private company for security and medical check-ups as part of the visa requirement.

When attending an event in Ipoh, Kula Segaran said many industries in Malaysia need Nepalese workers, who are well-known for their bravery and honesty. He called on Nepal to ease its ban on the matter and reconsider the decision.

The minister added that he will also seek the help of the Nepalese high commissioner in Malaysia on Monday and take the matter to the cabinet.

Sin Chew Daily, a Malaysian local newspaper, reported on Saturday that there are at least half a million Nepalese workers in Malaysia, most of whom are security guards and construction workers.


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