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4 rhinos found dead inside Chitwan National Park within two months

Aug 31 2018 | 12:17 pm

Kathmandu: Four rare one-horned rhinoceros have died in Chitwan National Park, Nepal’s largest rhinos’ habitat, in less than two months, according to the authorities.

Nepal homes 645 endangered rhinos in its different national parks as per the census of 2015, however the rhino deaths are equally at rise.

Only on Tuesday this week, a rhino was found dead while another one lost life before two weeks within the park premise.

“Altogether 51 rhinos died in last two years including 25 in fiscal year 2016-2017 and 26 in fiscal year 2017-2018. Majority of the rhinos had natural deaths at old age while some died after engaging in fight with each other,” said Nurendra Aryal, Assistant Conservation Officer and Information Officer at Chitwan National Park.

According to the officials, many rhinos succumb to death following battle with other animals regarding territories, while few die after being caught up by diseases.

According to the record of Chitwan National Park, over 400 rhinos have died in the last two decades, majority of them killed by poachers during the ten-year long civil-war that ended in 2006.

Rhinos are regularly killed by poachers for their body parts and skin, especially their one-horn, which are worth thousands of dollars in illicit global trade, with their horns being used as traditional medicine in many countries.

However, after the launching of massive conservation efforts and intensified security measures, officials said Nepal has been able to control poaching in recent years.

According to the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation, out of total 645 rhinos in Nepal, over 600 are in Chitwan National Park alone.


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