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Nepal tourism dept warns against illegal use of drones near Mt. Everest

Apr 26 2019 | 11:52 am

Nepal’s Department of Tourism issued a latest notice that the mountaineers involved in illegal use of drones near Mt. Everest and their associated mountaineering agencies would be penalized.

The unlawful act of using drones near Mt. Everest has seen increasing prevalence with several drones seized by related authorities.

The southern slope of Mt. Everest lies in the Sagarmatha National Park. Pramod Bhattarai, chief conservation officer at the park, said that they have dealt with 12 cases of using drones without permission since mid-July of last year. A Maltese national was caught flying a drone in the park this month.

Nepal issued administrative orders to regulate the use of drones in 2015. Before operating drones, individuals and unit must submit written applications to take approval from local governments, the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal and other regulatory organs. In addition, fees will be charged.

“Authorized use of drones in the Sagarmatha National Park requires a one-time payment of 1,500 dollars to the Tourism Department,” said Bhattarai.

Based on the latest data from Nepal, 365 mountaineers have obtained permits to climb Mt. Everest from the southern slope within the spring season this year, a record high figure.


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