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Conservation of perilous Changu Narayan starts

May 07 2015 | 10:16 pm

KATHMANDU:The works related to conservation of the historic Changu Narayan Temple, one of the constituents of the World Heritage Site, which was partially damaged at four corners during the April 25 Gorkha 7.8 magnitude earthquake started from Thursday.


Changunarayan temple before the earthquake

The other temples in the premises have either turned into a heap of rubble or severely damaged. On the other hand, bricks have fallen off the four corners of the Changu Narayan Temple proper with a window from the upper floor jutting out, which has prompted urgent conservation efforts. A team of National Art Museum led by its Chief Aruna Nakarmi on Wednesday made an inspection tour of the damaged heritage site.

Nakarmi said that the Department of Archeology had deputed her to inspect the historic temple and that works would start from Friday with use of wooden poles to shore up support for from all four corners of the temple.

“We will use 18 meter long wooden poles to give the temple support and then other conservation efforts will be undertaken,” Nakarmi said.

The removal of the rubbles of the destroyed structures and protection of the archeological materials has also started from today. A police team led by assistant sub inspector Raj Kumar Badal has been deployed for protection of the temple.

The temple’s chief priest Chakradharnanda Raj Upadhyay said Laxmi Devi Karmachaya, mother of Chinnamasta Temple’s priest Prachandaman Karmacharya, had died after the Pujari Ghar (Priest’s House) collapsed during the earthquake.

Meanwhile, daily ritualistic prayers and worship ceremonies have continued in the temple in the aftermath of the quake.

Chief priest Raj Upadhyay called for more security personnel to protect the temple citing the deployment of the current number as insufficient. RSS


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