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Quake causes losses of $36.68m to women in hospitality sector

Jun 28 2015 | 12:01 pm



KATHANDU: Women’s jobs and income in the hospitality sector have been hardest hit by the recent earthquakes in Nepal where women employment occupies around 20 percent, according to a report.


Tourists at a homestay

The Post Disaster Need Assessment (PDNA) conducted by the government in partnership with donors, shows that women’s employment and income have been particularly hampered by damages to the homestays because maximum such facilities are owned by women.

According to the Tourism Survey 2014, 57 percent of homestay owners are women. “Women therefore have incurred the largest loss within the homestay accommodation,” said the PDNA report. In hotel and other accommodation sector, women’s employment consist 17 percent. Women incurred total losses to properties worth $36.68 million, according to the report.


Type of establishment   Damage($)   Women employment  damage/loss to women ($)

Hotels and other

Accommodation                     162.94m               17pc                                     26.88m

Homestays                              17.2m                     57pc                                      9.8m

Total                                       180.14                  20pc                                  36.68m       

There are 160 registered homestays around Nepal but a significant number of homestays around the country are not yet registered with the government.

The total number of non-registered properties was 2,604 that provided 35,789 tourist rooms and 69,040 tourist beds in the 15 major and five minor tourism sites of Nepal. Most of these additional lodgings are homestays, teahouse lodges and monastery accommodations.

According to the report, the quake damaged homestay properties worth Rs1.7 billion and further causing the business loss of Rs495 million. For homestay, the business loss has been calculated based on Rs1,000 per night loss for a total of six months of income losses.

Homestay sector needs 2.06 billion for recovery. Following the quake, number of tourists went down by 90 percent and hotels and homestays were damaged all of which have an implication on income and job losses.

The tourism sector estimates that 200,000 people have lost their jobs following the earthquake. Women, who often occupy less skilled jobs, are often the first to be laid off, while managerial positions held by men are maintained, the report says.

It has suggested that the recovery efforts should focus on facilitating access to soft credits and low interest rates for female owners of hospitality establishments. “This is particularly needed for female‐owned homestays, who may struggle more than their male counterparts in recovery. Skills development and direct access to external markets is needed for women entrepreneurs to reduce their reliance on local tourist markets and to enhance their resilience against future disasters,” the report says.



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