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State-of-the-art hotel brought into operation in Halesi

Mar 06 2016 | 09:04 pm

Khotang: A hotel with complete facilities has been brought into operation in religious and touristic site of Halesi in Khotang district, targeting the tourists and pilgrims.


Four entrepreneurs of the district have run the hotel named ‘Halesi Village’ with the investment of nearly Rs 15 million.

Former chairman of Khotang Chamber of Commerce and Industry Rudra Tiwari, outgoing chair Khusnarayan Sainju, incumbent chair Rajendra Layalu and businessman Jayaram Giri have jointly invested in the hotel having quake-resistant physical infrastructures.

Currently, the hotel with 24 rooms has started its services from 10 cottages having a seminar hall, a sales stall, a restaurant and others. Over 50 customers can get the services a single time from the hotel, Sainju said.

Likewise, a separate meeting hall with the capacity to accommodate 150 persons is also managed in the hotel. The hotel has offered direct job to 15 persons.

With the establishment of the new hotel in Halesi, the pilgrims and tourists visiting the famous religious destination in the district would have the opportunities to visit the adjoining areas and enjoy the majestic beauty of the site.

A large number of pilgrims visit Halesi Temple in Ramnawami, Mahashivaratri, Balachaturdashi, Teej, Bolbam festival and others too.

As high as 150 hotels including large and small-scale are offering their services in Halesi. RSS


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